5 ways to increase value creation utilizing RPA in an M&A process

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a one of the hottest topics in the business world thanks to its massive potential for improving operations and processes. This is especially applicable in the complex Mergers & Acquisition – post merger integration time-frame.

Please listen to a recording of our webinar held on November, 13, 2019 – where Vic Datta CEO of Datta Solutions Group and Rachel Smith Solutions Executive of HelpSystems conduct a live conversation on how RPA helps companies of all sizes by reducing many of the manual, time consuming components of M&A integration. Register for the webinar to learn:
- Problems in the M&A space that slow the speed to value creation
- Key issues and frustrations that mid-sized businesses are facing
- Benefits of RPA and how it can help your M&A process

You won’t want to miss this awesome session from two leading experts in the growing field of RPA. Hope to see you in the virtual crowd!