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Boosting M&A Value with RPA

RPA: A Game-changer in M&A Integration. Discover how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enhances M&A operations, resolves mid-sized businesses' issues, and boosts value creation in our insightful webinar with Datta Solutions Group's CEO, Vic Datta, and HelpSystems' Rachel Smith.

The evolving CFO

Digital transformation, led by finance departments and CFOs, can significantly boost profitability. This piece explores how companies, by leveraging finance leaders in their digital transformation journey, report a 6x return on investment and 80% success in project completion.

Get a grip on cash

As the lifeblood of businesses, especially those experiencing rapid growth or nearing distress, managing cash inflows and outflows is critical. This article examines how leadership can ensure operational survival by effectively managing liquidity.

Cyber security

In M&A events, traditional due diligence often overlooks the critical aspect of cybersecurity, despite rising cyber-attacks. The security of transitioning assets is often neglected, potentially risking the successful integration of the companies involved.

Successful M&A integration in finance and accounting

Finance & Accounting (F&A) is key to a successful merger, ensuring operational efficiency and growth by integrating systems, maintaining controls, and providing accurate financial reporting.